About Us

About the House of Dasha

Meet Quiana Dasha, founder, creator and visionary behind Dasha Cosmetics and the House of Dasha.

Quiana has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry. Her background in business and accounting has given her the foundational tools to build this business from the ground up.

Her vision came to fruition when she started Dasha Cosmetics over 3 years ago. It has blossomed into a very lucrative business specializing in unique lip colors and very versatile eyeshadow palettes.

She is currently working to include a full line of foundations and finishing powders for all skin tones and complexions. Her love for the fashion industry prompted her to add the House of Dasha clothing line to her repertoire.

It features high quality clothing for every woman who dares to be different and is not afraid to turn heads!

It is her belief that all women should look and feel beautiful and Dasha Cosmetics and the House of Dasha does exactly that!   Stay tuned for more from this entrepreneurial powerhouse! Quiana Dasha… definitely a name to remember!